lessons for FEB 9-13

3D-  students are working on plaster/clay relief.  We have been pouring plaster into the clay molds this week.  Kids are helping each other mix and pour plaster.  Getting ready for art show.

DRAW- students will finish painting paper mache skulls this week.  Getting ready for art show.

Art One-  Intro to Positive Negative painting.  Students will draw on a large sheet of white paper and draw a 4″ x 4″ grid on paper, making 20, 4″x4″ squares.  I cut several hundred 4″x4″ template or stencils the kids will use for their design.  After desired design is achieved student then draws their design in every square.  On this painting we will be using 2 colors, most likely flourescent paint.  When painting design, paint lighter color first, do the whole page.  Make sure to flip flop color scheme.  Example, if your design is a star and you plan on using black and red color schemme.  The first square the star is black and on the 2nd square the star is red.   Now, if the star is black the background is red and if the star is red the background is black. Continue this pattern until finished with painting.  I will show examples and work with kids who are having a hard time making their design.  This assignment is similar to paintings and prints by Warhol.


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