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Art lessons for 9/28/10-10/8/10

September 28, 2010

3D- Intro to paper clay wall hangings.  Subjects are sea creatures or insects.  Brainstorm ideas, research.  Draw rough draft, must be approved by me. Select subject, cutout and paint.  Assemble with wire, beads, and glue.

Intro to art- students will draw a one or two point perspective drawing without help, they should  know how to do this.  After completion we will go over the correct way.  Next step is to chose a picture of old buildings and pick one to draw (1 or 2 pt).  Don’t forget where the light source is coming from.

Art 1-  shading handout, intro to one point perspective drawing.  Drawing must be 10 cubes and they must be decorated.  Keep in mind the elements and principles of design.  Draw large, and overlap cubes.

draw- same as intro except this could possibly turn into a painting