Week of 10/11/10 – 10/15/10

Just a note on the foam board sclp.  They were awesome!!!!  I am really proud of my 3-D kids!  Monday  we will design the shape of our skulls along with ideas for decorating the skulls.  We will start pouring plaster around Tuesday or Wednesday for Day of the Dead skull heads.  After pouring plaster into baggies the kids will have to carve the plaster into skull heads.  When finished carving we will seal the plaster and paint designs on the skull.  Ideas for designs can be personal or on a loved one.   Example,  If so an so was a cowboy you might want to paint a cowboy hat on your skull.  We will try to keep the designs as traditional as possible with a personal touch.  This assignment will last around 2 weeks.

Intro to art and drawing class needs some help on perspective drawing.  We will start on Monday.   I switched lessons on the art one kids and we did a shading drawing instead of perspective.  I had the kids critique their drawings with some really honest replies.

Art 1 will design day of the dead drawings and then we will start perspective drawings.  We will do two 1 point perspective drawing and two  2 point drawings.


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