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November 1 – 12

November 3, 2010

Art 1 kids are working on day of the dead drawings.  Handout.

Honoring a loved one or yourself.

Must have a symbol representing a loved one or yourself.

Step 1- Brainstorm ideas,  don’t forget the background.  Step 2 draw one side of your skull design (LARGE) on a half sheet of manila paper.  Step 3 fold paper back and trace your design on the other half of paper.  Step 4 color with oil pastels.

Sclp and Intro kids are working on carving day of the dead skulls which will be decorated when dry.  Brainstorm ideas, pour plaster, carve plaster use sandpaper and steel wool and paint when finished.

Draw kids are design their very own day of the dead skull and then try to reproduce it in additive sclp.  We will be using plaster.